So, you are bitten by the travel bug, and the urge to visit your favourite destination is high? Well, there’s nothing more relaxing than travelling. But it’s not the same after you go through breast implantation surgery. 

It’s essential to pay attention to the breasts while travelling, so here is your complete guide that covers multiple tips you need to follow to keep your breasts healthy.

Also, the post rounds up some physical limitations you need to follow religiously after having a breast job done.

Post-Operation Tips and Limitations for Traveling 

Here are the tips and limitations suggested by Sydney breast augmentation experts that every breast enlargement patient should follow to make travelling a breeze. 

Going Braless is a Big No!

It’s not advisable to go braless until the recommended (6-8 weeks) recovery period is over. You should wear the support bra all the time in order to support the breast after surgery. 

Taking off the bra unnecessarily can result in excessive scarring around your structures. 

Don’t Take a Bath 

The doctors even recommend that the patients should not take a bath until two weeks. Consider taking a sponge bath and keep the structures clean so that they heal quickly and there are no chances of infections. 

It would be great to invest in a bath pillow to provide the necessary support to the breasts. 

Don’t Fly Until the Probationary Period is Over.

Flying right away or after a few days of post-op isn’t a great idea. You should allow time for the breast structures to heal properly before heading to any travel destination. 

Flying may involve jostling with the crowd, and that can be harmful to the breasts.

Don’t Lift Heavy Weight. 

Lifting heavy weights can cause bleeding from around the structure. And it can even result in the formation of blood clots due to altitude changes while flying. 

Don’t lift anything heavier than 6-10 kilograms. 

Say No to Strenuous Activities 

Strenuous activities that involve a lot of effort shouldn’t be on your bucket list. If you are planning to travel somewhere to participate in activities that include running, jogging or climbing, then it would be great to drop the idea for some time.

Indulging in strenuous activities can pump up the heart rate, and that can cause excess bleeding from the incisions and implants. 

When Can I Fly After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

You can fly after the probationary period is over (15-20 days). However, not flying for around a month or two will give you enough time to relax, and the breast structures will heal properly.

Make sure to wear the support bra, and keep a bathing pillow handy to enjoy a bath with ultimate convenience.


With these tips and limitations in mind, you can travel anywhere after having breast enlargement surgery in Sydney. Furthermore, keep drinking plenty of fluids and keep yourself hydrated. 

Don’t run or chase anything. Also, avoid lifting heavyweights in the probationary period. Lastly, consult the doctor before travelling to have better insights and more details about the breast’s condition.

Travel Safe!