Reasons to Enjoy Corporate Events on a Ferry

One of the most common things that corporations do is hold corporate events. What is a corporate event? These kinds of functions could be a staff meeting, customer appreciation day, product launch, staff training, press conference, and more. However, they don’t only take place in corporate buildings; there are many other places where businesses hold such events. Corporate events on a ferry are a favourite way to conduct business gatherings. Here are the top reasons to hold such a function on a ferry.

1. Beautiful Scenery

One of the main reasons to hold such an event on a ferry is the inherent beauty of being on a boat. While you have your event, you’ve got the scenery of the water as well as the beauty of the UK location passing by as the boat sails. If you choose a boat that is stylishly decorated, it presents a vibrant backdrop that adds a unique touch to a corporate event. This is the kind of scenery that people don’t forget and that people want more of.

2. An Element of Fun

Getting out of a building and getting on a boat is fun, in any situation. Make things more exciting by holding your corporate event on a ferry. The unique location also has the possibility of gaining more interest than an event held in a building. Word of mouth is likely to spread and everyone invited will want to attend the event.

3. Combine Land and Water

On corporate boat cruises where meetings can be held, in some cases, the ferry experience is teamed with a land experience. In other words, the ferry will travel, dock at a particular location, and then travel back to the starting location. The place where the ferry docks could be an island, a remote historical building, a restaurant located on an island, and more. These kinds of combinations are great for casual corporate events where the people invited to make it an event that lasts all day. Corporate events become mini trips in this case.

4. An Opportunity to Have a Special Menu

A corporate event on a ferry is an excellent opportunity to offer a special menu of food to celebrate an occasion. For example, if you are celebrating the launch of a product, you could coordinate with the ferry’s catering service for a special menu that is catered specially for your event.

Corporate events on a ferry are a unique way for a business to get people together for various missions. It’s the kind of event that people remember, and that helps with things like product launches and promotions and giving of corporate gifts Australia for example for an unforgettable experience.

The best way to hold such an event is to call the ferry’s meeting and catering department. Ensure that you have at least six months to plan. You can find ferry’s for corporate events by searching for such ferries on the Internet. Pay attention to reviews about the condition of the boat as well as the service.